Agent Match allows you to receive videos of Real Estate Agents and brokers who are competing for your lead or referral

Follow these basic instructions & receive personalized realtor video presentations.

Once you've placed personal referrals or leads and we've verified they are interested in buying or selling a home, your clients will receive an invite to pick from 3-5 of our network agents in their area. Video presentations will be sent to them. We use a combination of technology and personal attention to ensure the very best match for all parties.

We're partners in the transaction

All of the follow-up through the transaction is done by our licensed coordinators. This guarantees everyone gets paid. When the deal closes, our network agent pays 35% of the commission to us. We keep 10% and you receive 25% of the commission.

Know where you stand

Best of all, we guarantee full transparency through that process. We keep in touch with both you and your client - from initial information gathering, to periodic check-ins, to final confirmation that the deal has closed.

Email or contact Tel. 480-393-6318 if you have a legitimate client referral, or if you are seeking an agent to represent your client.

Agents in the Awesome Directory will be notified by email if the referral matches their location and Directory profile. Referrals are also posted publicly to the Agent Match Referrals page. Agents will contact you directly. Any referral agreements are between you and the referral agent you choose.

We match you with the right agent in the exact location who can meet the needs of your client. The service is free and any referral fee arrangements are strictly between you and the agent who you select.

Enter the location where you are looking for a local agent to represent your client and provide a few details of your referral. For example “I represent a retired couple looking for vacation home in Jupiter, Florida.”

Here is what happens next. Agents who are interested will contact you directly, making a personalized video presentation.

Finally. You decide who to work with.


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