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Hi! Laura Doughty with Monarch Estates and Homes in Malibu, California. Today I want to address a question that we get quite often here at Monarch and that is, how do we work with our clients? Really the basis of that question comes from, as an agent or if you're looking to get into real estate, you have the option of deciding to work a specific area, a specific type property or it's really kind of up to you.

For us here at Monarch, we handle our clients' complete real estate portfolio. It doesn't matter where they have a home; we handle the details of all of them. And the reason for that specifically is because, for myself as the Broker, I have done real estate in different areas, so I have a grasp of how to transition from one area to the other.

Additionally, it is because of our Estate Management background and Lifestyle Concierge from when Dallas started the company in 1998, working with high net worth clients. So we understand the full scope of what it is involved when it comes to luxury real estate. That's how we have successfully chosen to handle our clients' real estate portfolio because it really does come down to the systems.

Either way, there is no right or wrong, it's just what works best for that agent and for you and your lifestyle. And for our clients here at Monarch, it definitely behooves them for us to have a broader scope and view on not only the local real estate market, but the global market as well.

We already know the things that they need for their lifestyle and then because we are well-versed in the luxury real estate business, we ask the questions that you would typically have in a conversation Broker to a Broker, instead of buyer to Broker.


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