Real Estate Video Marketing of Properties, Agents, Brokers and More!

In recent years, the National Association of Realtors has reported that about 85% of all home buyers begin their searches online. That number will continue to grow as the entire industry is leaning online. With the number of Real Estate Agents within a particular area, every Agent looks to get a step up.

One large advantage that can be utilized is the power of video. A video can serve many vital purposes for a Real Estate Broker, Agent, and Property. A video can introduce a company or agent, making the home buyer or seller feel more comfortable with them and leading to a greater chance that they are the one selected to represent their home or home search. Stand out over the competition and give your audience more than a simple "About Us" page on your website. Let them see you, hear you, get to know a little about you, and making them choose you!

Video is also an important tool in the home buying process. A video tour of the property can display so much more than the limited amount of photos that an MLS will allow you to upload. A video can make a home feel alive rather than leaving the home buyer to determine if they like the property by the photos alone. There are the normal necessities to listing a home: Listing the Property details, taking photos of the house, and staging the home. Why not take every advantage possible and create a video to help sell the property? It should be a standard and necessity to all properties. No listing agent would choose not to take photos of their property. This is because it is what home buyers want and they help sell the home; this is the same for a Video Tour. Sellers are also more likely to select an agent that they feel is doing everything possible to sell their house.


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